Want or Need to Sell your

Pop Collection?

Look no Further! 

             Okay so here is how it works 

  1. We will pay to ship your pops to us 

  2. We will create a mystery box based on your collection 

  3. We advertise, and ship to the buyers with no additional cost to you   

  4. We charge a 25% commission on the total sales and you make the rest! 

How do you get paid?

                          You get paid on the sale of the boxes 


 For example, say you have a Pop Collection of 100 pops worth   $6,000 we would break that down

to 45 boxes with a guaranteed value of

$125 per box 2 pop minimum

Here is the math

(each lot will vary this is an example only)


45x125=$5625 Net 


5625x 25%= $1406 to Poppas and 


$4,219 to you! Paid through pay pal or other discussed payment options


This is a fantastic way to get the most value

out of your pops without the stress and time, it takes to sell.  

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